Welcome to the Computer Rescue Service website!

Computer Rescue Service of Grand Rapids provides complete software and hardware support for your computer.  Data recovery and forensics, virus and spyware/malware cleaning and repair, hardware repair and upgrades, software support and consultation, clean up and tune up service, purpose built computers, and web hosting solutions are all part of our expertise.  Our goal is to provide the best in quality work.  Why pay an hourly fee elsewhere when ALL of our work is performed for a $60.00 flat fee...regardless of how long the repair takes? 

We are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm

Computer Rescue Service, through our connection to the Amazing Techs online forum,  is proud to be a member of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals. ASAP started out as a small band of security sites under seige, and is rapidly expanding to include the "Best of the Best" the Internet Security Community has to offer.  Our goals are to ensure the highest quality of security support no matter where you seek help, to recommend in an equal and fair manner products available to keep your computer clean and safe regardless of pricing, and to ensure that end users are not plagued by so called "product wars" and unfair marketing tactics. 

Just What Is Spyware?  Click Here To Find Out.



Computer Rescue Service of Grand Rapids is trained and certified in HIPAA compliance and security issues for healthcare institutions.

Computer Rescue Service is also proud to be an Ontrack Data Recovery Certified Authorized Partner.  This partnership allows us to provide data recovery services for ANY user, from home users to government and law enforcement personnel.  All data is handled with complete discretion unless otherwise mandated by law.  Ontrack specializes in advanced data recovery, electronic discovery, and computer forensics as well as standard home user data recovery.